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Korea Review2-2
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K o rea Review
Volume II, Number 2 November 2012
International Policy Studies Institute

The International Policy Studies Institute was established in January 1994. IPSI’s
activities have focused on issues related to international peace and security, nuclear
issues, the ROK–U.S. alliance, and North Korea policies. The institute has also strived
to form close networks and relationships with a variety of scholars and experts on
Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula. Professor Emeritus Han Sung-Joo of Korea
University is the founder and chairman of the institute.
The board of directors of IPSI is composed of Professor Kim Sung-han (Korea
University), former Ambassador Kim Jaebum (editor of Korea Review), Dr. Cha
Young-koo (Korean–American Association), Professor Yun Duk Min (Korea
National Diplomatic Academy), Professor Lee Shin-wha (Korea University), and
Professor Hong Kyu-dok (Sookmyung Women’s University).
The institute has been engaged in several research projects with the Walsh School of
Foreign Service at Georgetown University, SAIS at Johns Hopkins University, the Pacific
Forum CSIS, and other academic and research institutions on such topics as Asia-Pacific
cooperation, North Korea policies, and the ROK–U.S. security arrangements. One of
the main issues of serious discussion has been how to maintain the ROK–U.S. alliance
while seeking to develop it into a comprehensive partnership commensurate with the
post-Cold War strategic environment. As a result of these research efforts, the institute
published a book on the topic of Asia-Pacific alliances in the fall of 2006.
Aside from research projects, the institute also organizes international academic
seminars. Together with the Ilmin International Relations Institute and the Japan
Center for International Exchange, IPSI organized the Trilateral Commission Pacific
Asia Group, which met in Seoul in November 2000 and named IPSI Chairman Han
Sung-Joo as vice-chairman. Together with IIRI, IPSI organized international conferences
on the ROK–U.S. alliance in Washington, DC, in 2005; and on Asia-Pacific
alliances in Honolulu in 2006. In April 2006, the Institute hosted the third
ROK–Japan–U.S. Track II Policy Forum in Seoul, which was co-organized with the
U.S. National Committee on American Foreign Policy and the Japan Institute of
International Affairs.
In April 2009, IPSI and the Asan Institute for Policy Studies organized the fifth
ROK–Japan–U.S. Policy Forum in Tokyo. Also in Tokyo, a regional meeting of the
Trilateral Commission was held from December 10 to 12, 2010. IPSI has conducted a
number of research service projects on international policy issues as assigned by the
Korean government, the latest being a study of the implications of the 2012 Seoul
Nuclear Security Summit for the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.
IPSI now is engaged in producing a memorial volume for the late Dr. Kim Kyung-
Won, a former Korean ambassador to the United Nations and the United States,
which is scheduled to be published in June 2013. The institute launched K o r e a
R e v i e w in August 2011. Further details are available at http://ipsikor.org.
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