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There have been significant amounts of research, writing and discussion on the "North Korean Question." But, what exactly is this North Korean question? Recently, many have equated the problem with North Korea's nuclear tests, missile launches, rising military tension and breakdown of inter-Korean relations. In dealing with North Korea, however, a comprehensive analysis of the problem and potential countermeasures must also include broader issues such as the North Korean human rights situation, North Korea's overall military and weapons policy, leadership succession, and contingency plans in the event of a possible regime collapse. Inter-Korean relations, reunification policy, economic implications for North/South, and relations with China and the U.S. are also a part of the highly complex, big picture.

IpsiKor analyzes strategy and policy, promotes dialogue and various exchanges, and strives to produce relevant reports that will help frame a larger understanding of the North Korean question. It is IpsiKor's hope that this in turn will lead to more effective policy plans, responses, and countermeasures to deal with the sensitive and persistent problems related to North Korea.

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