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As some of the world's largest economies and responsible stakeholders in the global economic system, the countries of Northeast Asia (NEA) have been strengthening their trade relations and deepening regional economic integration. At the same time, Northeast Asian countries consistently deal with some of the most geo-politically sensitive issues in the world such as relations across the Taiwan Straight and the North Korean nuclear problem. This presents NEA countries with many challenges and opportunities. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, and with knowledge that the political and economic significance of the region continues to grow, NEA countries recognize the need for further international cooperation on various fronts such as trade and monetary policies, combined peacekeeping operations, energy security, and increased overseas development aid. They also recognize the significant need for regional cooperation and gradual institutional building will lead to the formation of a regional community.

By conducting research and promoting dialogue on issues of NEA cooperation and bilateral relations, IpsiKor hopes to provide valuable information and analysis that will promote effective policy-making in order to achieve the objectives of peace, progress and prosperity throughout the NEA region.

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